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MCC v Argentina

The game went ahead after unbelievable work by Belgrano to clear and dry the ground after 60mm/2.5 inchs of overnight rain. After a wonderful coaching session run by Steve Snell on Friday night a lot of people were there to watch the game including all the kids who think he is the Lionel Messi of cricket! Jeff was on the ground from 9am supervising the clean up operation and explaining what had to be done to make the ground safe for players.

A 50 over game due to start at 11 am was reduced to t20 for a 3.30pm start. All MCC cricketers whose living depends on the game were given the opportunity not to play if they so desired by the skipper all 13 players said they wanted to play. Chris Niño from ACA and a MCC member requested in view of the crowd, the kids and the interest in the game, we put a show on for them.

We did.

Steven Snell opened the batting and scored the fastest MCC 100 I have seen in 31 years of playing for the club, 103 off 52 balls with 8 fours and nine sixes. Ablely assisted by all all batters the Club posted just north of 200.

In reply, the dangerous Lucas Paterilini got the ACA off to the worst start possible by holing out at deep mid wicket first ball of the innings off Greg Maiden. To be fair they were never in it. Glen Read – for some reason nicknamed Carlos by the Argentina players – showed how to open the bowling with the keeper stood up. Greg, Rob Pack and Chris Finnegan showed how English club bowlers bowl a consistent length to eliminate a easy runs. The Skipper despite disappearing over his head for 6, proved with the ball he is still the oldest swinger in town!

Every run was cheered and the club players were bemused by some of the Spanish heckling. Everybody wanted to see Tango bowl and bowl quick. With 2 wickets required fuelled by pure adrenaline he roared in, and despite trying he did not take a wicket!
Great day the result off the field outwayed the cricket played on it.

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“1st Test”




Andrew Renison 110*

Maddy Hat Trick Renison Centurian

An Irish Diplomat!

Happy Days! Barry Derbyshire President of the Hurlingham Club knelt front row red shirt, Les Cosworth stood left blue cell net T shirt with his son.(ex England & Leicester Tigers Legend.

How did you do that!


Some days words are not enough!

Tigre Delta

After a quiet celebration – involving Hymns and Arias – following Tuesday’s victory, the majority of the tour party spent the day on the Tigre Delta.

Our Welsh choirmaster Jeff Evans poses as boats Captain.
The two pros meanwhile took advantage of their new honoury membership of Belgrano Athletic Club to train, have a swim lie by the pool and sightsee.
An early night for all followed ahead of the first “Test” today.

Victories at Golf, Cricket and the Embassy

Having been cancelled on Sunday it was great to get out on Monday if only to play Golf. Gary Savage organised a round for the boys at the Hurlingham Club, with former Tiger and England fly half Les Cusworth joining his old friends Maddy and Lewis. Local knowledge from Les along with “the best round of my life” Darren secured victory for their team.

Pre Golf banter.

Post match Gary invited us to his for a BBQ only a South African can cook, thanks Gary. To finish a quiet day we then went to fly the flag at the embassy.

The British Ambassador John Freeman congratulated the ACA on their Centenary before presenting them with a supply of youth kit the players have donated to help the gross lack of junior kit available across Argentina.

Non UK tax payer Alan Lewis presenting the Ambassador with a token and therefore making his only contribution of the evening!


An early night meant the team were fired up to win yesterday (Tuesday). Kirkby, having lived on nothing but red meat since arriving, smelt blood – not only from the opposition but the Manager who had foolhardily suggested a win would be nice.

7/24 suggested his steaks need to be more well done.


After the game, the players were joined by former MCC tourist, Cricket Foundation trustee and BA pilot Rick Johnson who had just “driven in”. He helped organise a last minute birthday party for Stephen Snell who appeared to enjoy his cocktails before a spot of exercise on the dance floor.

To quote a red headed fast bowler: “Beer tastes better when you have won and there is only one Tuesday night in Buenos Aires!”

Thankfully a rest day now follows before the three tests against Argentina.

Buenos Aires the gout capital of the world!

Sadly Sunday’s game was a victim of the weather. After winning on Saturday  we experienced a biblical thunderstorm while celebrating. Some of the younger players played their its a knockout Joker card assumed the game would be cancelled.

Fortunately for them it was!

This allowed the skipper Alan Lewis to watch his countrymen lose to Scotland in the Six Nations. One of life’s more interesting experiences is watching a game with an international referee who’s giving the Spanish commentator and his refereeing colleague advice in equal measure.

The team then had the chance to do some site-seeing and paid homage to Evita’s grave before being typically English and enjoying a long Sunday lunch. Sadly the best red meat and Malbec wine has caused a novel injury to two of the players who have succumbed to gout. Both being sufferers, they have come prepared with tablets for it but if they run out, there are no supplies in the MCC first aid bag, which could be a thought for future tours to the Argentina.

It’s Monday and the team is playing golf at the beautiful Hurlingham Club. Les Cusworth the former
Leicester Tigers and English fly half, and current Argentina Director of Rugby, has joined for a round. Tonight we have a reception at the Embassy followed by an early before the game against The South XI tomorrow.


Tim Kirk paying his respects at Evita’s Tomb.


Sadly it’s raining and we’re waiting for a call to see if the game is cancelled. Tight win yesterday on a track that turned from ball one. Manager struggled with the complexities of iPad scoring. Steve Snell shining both on and off the field. He top scored with 80 not out when we were in a real hole (87-7) and took a brilliant leg side stumping. Could have lost but the old pro Darren Maddy saw us home with some fine death bowling.

Hero of the hour Steve Snell!


The scorer’s dog abusing the flag!